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Wash laundry games for girls


Hello, today is a sunny day and we believe that it is a perfect day to get out in the park with friends. The games which that are held in a pretty park are interesting but are very relaxing for space is high and the air is clean because surrounding are a lot plants. Many kids want to go to the park because there are slides, swings, sand pits where they can jump and various toys but we do not forget that there are also many children who can become playmates. If you are a kid who likes outdoor games then this kids game is perfect for you because through the game you will be able to help our little girl, Aisha because her friends didn't come to play with her and at end of the program play you will have to help her to wash her clothes because now she has dirty clothes. It is important to pay attention to how you handle things because we do not want to see a sad girl. Today, your role is to make happy our girl Aisha. Good luck.Be sure to follow all instructions and you will get thanks!1) At first you will meet Aisha in the park, there she will need your help to have fun. Be sure to respect her wishes. Most she likes to jump so be careful;2) The play time is over and it is time to help the girl to wash clothes. For the result to be the one expected you have take care to sort clothes; 3) Now is the time to add in the washing machine: clothes bleach, detergent for clothes and fabric softener final. Over several minutes the clothes will be clean. 4) After you have washed the dirty clothes is time to stretch them to dry. To do this you have to use your hands; 5) Now all the clothes are clean and dry but be ironed. To do this you have to use the iron which is near the ironing board; 6) Aisha is very happy with the way you help her, now needs you to prepare to come to play with her friends. For began you will have to makeup her, apply: lipstick, eyeshadow, blush and mascara cheeks; 7) The best part is to choose the most beautiful outfit and accessories to match the outfit.
Thank you for choosing this game and invite you to choose and other washing games, girls games and games for girls to put your skills to the test.
Thank you for help, you are a good friend. You can return to help Aisha anytime through this game for girls.
Have fun!